Corporate Trainings

Hierarchical system and emotional behavior models that dominate the Turkish culture are also reflected in the business environment. At this point, based on a 10-year overseas work experience and academic training acquired abroad on Human Resources Management, resulted in concentrated information which then has been adapted to the Turkish culture and language by Bahar Mouland who holds a related master degree.

This concentrated knowledge has been expanded with the support of local and international project partners who are experts in their own fields and is now ready to transfer to organisations in developing countries for the development of the employees.

The main objective of corporate trainings is to stand on one’s own feet and to take responsibility for the actions one takes and to train each employee to have a certain level of maturity in manpower.

It is necessary to have preliminary discussions with the companies that will receive these trainings in order to determine the needs. In this way, the topics which will be covered will be adapted to the needs of the organisation in order to increase efficiency. Between the trainings, the trainer will continue to communicate with the participants, support will be provided during the implementation of the solutions via e-mail and telephone.