Group Coaching

The main purposes of group coaching are as follows;

  • Providing a safe environment to share professional and social experiences of the participants using different tools
  • Helping the participants to get to know themselves better and allow them to develop more effective strategies that will lead them to effective decisions along with the help of their shared experiences within the groups
  • Creating an environment that will allow participants to learn from each other with the support of their facilitator
  • Through the sharing of experience, achieving a deeper knowledge related to the topics of each conversation in a short amount of time
  • With the help of the group sharing their knowledge, increasing the individual productivity of the participants by having Access to the practical knowledge gained through experience
  • Having a deeper awareness of the outside world by experiencing that some of the events that took place in our lives also experienced by others

Group coaching is an effective method of public dialogue especially for professional work groups (eg, Human Resources, Senior Managers, Engineers, etc.) It is also an effective public dialogue method to generate solutions to the situations that cannot be solved in teams just by having discussions.

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