Private Consultancy

They have developed awareness skills, therefore they can adapt to any situation and are able to move the companies forward with them.

Our goal with this program is described as follows;

 Improve the emotional intelligence of people in order to help them with living at ease with themselves and their environment

 Improve the ability to have emotional awareness skills to assist individuals to accurately assess their feelings which will boost self-confidence

 Develop the ability to have self-management skills for individuals by improving their emotional management skills which will help them adapting to different situations using initiative and being positive.

 Increase the social and institutional awareness of organizations and develop a service-oriented based internal social structure.

Help to develop a more effective and active internal management of employee relations where individuals help each other for their development, and also provide a source of inspiration to train responsible leaders

Help to develop and implement the concepts of corporate teamwork and cooperation

Examine the prevailing patterns of behavior in Turkish Culture and in the dominant corporate culture in Turkey and other developing countries and to adapt their Professional behavior skills to the institution