Psychological Skills for Leaders


This two-day training offers a new interactive psychological approach to leadership at work.

It has a focus on how we share responsibility for effective leadership in teams with complex roles and tasks which involve work with varieties of people and personalities.

It combines the best recent developments in management psychology, leadership training and psychological therapies.

It uses methods of micro-mapping our interactions and roles at work to improve our skills in discussing and negotiating helpful and unhelpful ways of working.   Participants will learn practical psychological skills that can help working well together in teams and organisations.    They will be helped to map out a leadership skills development plan.    The theory behind the training is relational intelligence which combines social, executive and emotional intelligences with shared and smart ways of working together regardless of the task or setting.


-          Mapping skills to help negotiate and develop effective leadership

-          Leadership awareness and a personal leadership development plan

-          Micro-mapping of how people work together in teams and organisations

-          Reflective thinking, listening and negotiating skills

-          Develop practical problem solving skills

-          Multi-dimensional thinking -develop perspective taking and skills in shifting between big picture and small detail and relational intelligence

-          Raising self-confidence to participate in more consultative and active ways as a leader



The course is for people in a wide range of professional roles and organisational responsibilities.


The trainers have been developing this unique programme through their consultancy work with teams and individuals in a variety of professions and different countries.  In particular they use mapping skills to help guide and develop discussion and understanding one to one and in groups.  They bring a practical, engaging and psychological approach to linking organisational and professional development.  They bring together a rich mix of psychological tools for helping people learn from experience.

Steve Potter is a psychotherapist, trainer and consultant with many years of experience of teaching psychotherapy, working with teams to develop psychological, consultancy and leadership skills.  He is Chair of the International Cognitive Analytic Therapy Association (ICATA)  a Director of Catalyse in the UK and has worked in many different countries.

MSc, Bahar Mouland is a human resources and leadership development consultant and a trainer who has decided to focus on the psychology of leadership after 10 years of corporate work experience in many different leadership positions.  She is the founder of TLA – Turkish Leadership Academy ( and has worked internationally with many different executives to support their professional development.  She is the author of the Turkish leadership blog



Atatürk Mah. 39. Ada Meriç Cad. Turkuaz Plaza T10 Blok Kat:2 D:24-29 Ataşehir/İstanbul 

(Ataşehir Eski Tapu Binası’ nın 2. katı, Sevinç Dershanesi’nin üstü)
Posta Kodu: 34758


There are two alternative dates for this training:

14 – 15 SEPTEMBER 2013 or 16 – 17 SEPTEMBER 2013

 Please contact / for any further details.